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4 Ultimate Tips for Developing PR Marketing Content

My clients consider me some sort of a Public Relations Pioneer. But in reality, public relations is still an elusive concept for me. All that I know is how relevant content is critical in establishing an effective communication plan for a brand. And that is all it takes to accomplish a strong reputation in the market.  

Benefits like the large audience, cost-effectiveness, opportunity to convert have transformed Facebook and Twitter into the forefronts of marketing. As a PR firm, managing a brand’s Facebook and Twitter Accounts has, therefore, become one of our primary roles now. I am sharing a few tips that will ensure the content you post brings engagement and value to your brand image.

1. Listen and Build

My Junior high school teacher used to instruct them to class “listen” every time before starting a lesson. She would occasionally repeat herself in between the lesson. I was not that obedient back then, but in the industry (Public Relations) I am currently working, it has made me realize the true importance of listening.

Listening will assist you in analyzing the needs of the community, understand their desire, things that persuade them to choose a product and even the factors which invite criticism for your product. While listening, it is essential that you keep a track of sources other than your own media channels. The advantage of having an experienced PR agency helping you throughout the process is unmatchable by any other resource.

2. Content Constancy

Do you remember the 2008 Presidential Campaign? I always think of it as a benchmark for content marketing optimization. The campaign exemplified the true meaning of content constancy. In President Obama’s every TV appearance, every interview and all the town hall meetings during his campaign, his content and the message in the content was clearly visible. Moreover, his associates and supporters, all were spreading and repeating his message to their individual communities.

Looking closely at the campaign and its success, you can find all the essential ingredients required to breach through the clutter and change the mindset of those consumers who do not trust your brand. Take all the customer touch points into consideration – search, paid media, Ads and press releases etc.

3. Reality Check

Writing content is not enough. You need to brainstorm content ideas by assuming yourself to be the user. I often say during my PR presentations “Be the User”. Keep an eye on what is trending on the internet – whether it is the content loaded with GIFs that are getting more traffic or is it the cute Panda pictures that are being shared more. Unless you don’t do a real-time analytic check.

4. Learn from Google

Google is popular. I know that. You know that. Let’s use it to the fullest. Google has free tools that will give you all the keywords that are being entered into the search bar. You can use these keywords to create more relevant content that resonates more with the consumer behavior.

James Cole
4 Ultimate Tips for Developing PR Marketing Content
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