Poker and Business: What makes them tick?

Poker and Business

Gaming and operating a business seem to be two different things predominantly in different realms. But a gamer will tell you that it’s not so. The skills gained in both experiences are of high value. It is a matter of argument, if skills acquired in poker can help in business or if it’s vice versa. The truth is the skills learned in both fields are largely overlapping. Business will teach you about gaming and gaming will teach you about business. It is not surprising that the skill you learn at gaming slots might help you succeed in business. In fact, they might just be your savior income earner in case things go wrong.

Poker and Business:

Create a gameplan

In both business and poker, success requires having a game plan. For success, you have to plan for the future, figure out what customers want and try to see where the market is going. That is what is entailed at the poker table. It is a career on its own; you have to have a plan on your game, predict your competitor’s moves and try to detect what they want. Much like a business you play to the strengths and make an effort where you might be weak.

Recruit the best

When hiring and recruiting in poker, always get the best people on your team. Success is vital, and that is the only best way that will get you there. In business, you will look for experts and in poker, you will certainly look for professionals too. Another important aspect is adjustments always a part of the game. We make plans but along the way, something might happen that requires change for your plan to fit. Business market trends are not static and in poker, the opponent will always have their plan. You might expect it or not, but adjustments are bound to happen.

Nurture your the ‘risk taker’ within

Taking risks is involved in both. We take risks by putting our faith and money in something that the outcome has a probability of changing. This means that we make calculated risks. You can’t make a bet without having in mind what will come off it. Your competition is vital, and so is your customer in business. You have to understand them to emerge victoriously. It’s all just a game, remember!

Since its a game, failure will come along the way. You will have bad bets in the game you have to keep trying to get the wits and skills of the game. In all game slots, you also have to do your homework. Everything is subtle to change. Business rules change, tactics to survive change too, as a player you have to learn to adapt to the changes.
Successful poker players not only need to adapt to the situations but also read people’s minds by being aware of their body language and attuned senses. One needs to improve this particular skillset if he hopes to win his hand in the poker table as well as his office setting.

James Cole
Poker and Business: What makes them tick?
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